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The biggest advantage of working with an Architect is the focused attention of a design professional working on your particular building site and with your individual needs. As every project is individual, challenging sites are not a problem. Sloped blocks, limited space or strict planning regulations are all issues where I can help. A thorough design process can find value in the property you have.

Briefing & Sketch Design

The early stages of any project are focused on establishing your requirements and I feel it is important not to rush through this process. I allow time in the Briefing and Sketch Design stages to discuss your needs and the best way to achieve them.

Sitting room with fireplace and feature windows.
Exterior wooden window feature


A custom designed house is unavoidably more expensive and demolition work or complicated site works can significantly add to costs. A good brief helps us identify your priorities and establish what is achievable with your budget.


Communicating my ideas clearly is important so all projects involve 3D modelling as part of the design process. My services are broken down into stages, from your initial ideas, through Council approvals to construction and my aim is to make this process as smooth as possible.


A new build home is an exciting project, and I love to work with clients who are looking for something personal that enhances their lives. Designing on a challenging site or with a particular focus, such as sustainability or long term adaptability, is when some of the most satisfying solutions can be found.


Working with an existing building, be it residential or commercial, has its own set of challenges and opportunities. Much of the Briefing process is spent focusing on what works in the existing structure and identifying where value can be added. As budgets are often tight, focused spending that makes the most of what you already have is ideal.

Planning & Regulation

Increasingly, many properties have significant planning constraints relating to bushfire or flood. I have experience with the relevant legislation and work closely with consultants in those fields to achieve safe and durable homes. I am also comfortable working with Heritage controls and enjoy giving new life to a building that has stood the test of time.

Getting started

Every project starts with a meeting to discuss your project and to determine the level of service you require. A full description of my design process is below and I am always happy to discuss what I can offer for your project so please get in touch.

Renovated bay-leaf green kitchen

Initial Meeting

All projects start with an initial meeting to introduce myself and discuss the project you have in mind. This is often done on-site and outlines the type of project, the scale, a preliminary budget and the timeframe. This service is free of charge.

Fee Proposal

Once I have the basic outlines of your project, I will prepare a Fee Proposal outlining the fees for each stage and the scope of services you require. Acceptance of the Fee Proposal will be the basis for the Client-Architect agreement (contract).

Briefing & Feasibility

Depending on the scale and complexity of the project, we may need to the undertake a feasibility study to assess what is possible on your specific property, taking in planning regulation, environmental factors like flooding and bushfire and also the extent of the budget.

Briefing is a very important stage that all projects go through. This is when you get to explore what it is you really want from your project – what kind of spaces you need and the quality you want those spaces to have. This stage is crucial and time spent here can save costly mistakes in the long run.

Sketch Design

At this stage we will take the Brief and turn it into a design concept. This stage is an exchange of ideas between Client and Architect and we will use sketches, basic floor plans & 3D visualisations to discuss the form and look of the building. Most people find this stage the most fun.

Development Application Documentation

Once the Sketch Design is well developed I can prepare drawings for Council Approval. This stage often involves liaising with Council and may involve input from other consultants. I can also provide shadow diagrams as required by Council and the BASIX certificate to meet your sustainability obligations.

Construction Certificate Documentation

This stage involves the preparation of documents required for certification by either Council or a private certifier. The design is further detailed and any changes required by the Development Application are made. Co-ordination with Engineers will be required at this stage.

Construction Documentation & Costing

The project is fully detailed and specified, ready to be priced by a Builder. This can either be done as part of a competitive tender priced by multiple Builders or one on one with your selected Builder. Interiors will be finalised either by myself or in conjunction with an Interior designer.

Construction & Contract Administration

During construction I can offer an on-going collaboration with the Builder to enable the best built result. I can also provide Contract Administration service, if desired. The extent to which you require my services in this area will depend on the project and the contract with the Builder.

Each stage of works will be charged separately according to the agreed Fee Proposal.
The extent of services I provide can be tailored to best suit your individual needs.