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Short St House

This house was a partially renovated two-storey rendered brick house that just wasn’t meeting the owner’s needs. Giving up the garage gave them the space they needed but meant they required a carport and shed, which would be prominent at the front of the house. Their brief was for a garage conversion and carport addition that did not look tacked on.

By referencing the existing colour scheme and working with chunky steel posts & beams, the carport looks solid, permanent and part of the house. Quality finishes such as honed concrete & timber lining boards make the new works a feature. Internally a couple of walls and some attractive cabinetry make a living space, an office and a store room all out of a double garage.

One the highlights of this project was being able to use off-the-shelf items to great effect. The shed is standard model ordered through a local manufacturer. By tying it into the fence line, matching the colours to the carport and replacing the steel on the doors with timber cladding, the shed becomes part of the facade and looks a whole lot more expensive than it is.


Carport and street entrance
wooden featured carport



Street view 2


Sitting room and entryway


Simplistic sitting room with storage and shelving
House view from street



Storage and covered carport area
Large purpose built storage space