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Ballina Fox St Preschool

After joining the management committee at this much loved Ballina institution, I was able to volunteer my skills to design and project manage internal renovation works on the 40-year-old building. Working closely with staff, we were able to maximise the limited budget by focusing on the most essential upgrades to meet current legislation and improve functionality.

The project included re-designing the student bathroom to incorporate the required laundry and secure storage spaces, providing a new disabled toilet, refitting the existing kitchen and staff rooms and designing some very hard-working cabinetry for the classroom spaces. Working within the existing wall layouts meant that money could be spent on good quality finishes rather than demolition and this ensures that all elements will be durable for long term use by many happy children.


Children's learning and play area.
Preschool entryway



Storage filled staffroom


Staff kitchen and prepration area