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I believe in making the most of any budget, regardless of size and I believe that much of what makes a good building is freely available – the quality of the light, access to fresh air and a focus on the comfort of the people inside all cost nothing and can be made part of any building. 

The aesthetics of the project are often client-led, taking into account their own style preferences or, in the case of renovation, working with what inspires them about the existing property. As an architect I find the simplicity of good materials used in well thought-out spaces so inspiring.

Timber door and study

Suffolk Park House

Kitchen in federation house

Victoria Park House

Queenslander front facade

Bangalow Queenslander

Servery window over sink

Dalwood Residence

Weatherboard house and trees

Lennox Lookout

Entry way into stairway with wooden features

Skennars Head House

Extended deck and entertaining area

Corndale House

Staircase from first-story

Ballina Heights House

kitchen Island and open plan living space

Carrington Street

Entryway and main hallway into open living space

Brooklet House

Exterior deck and exit from living area and bedroom

Coastal View House

Verandah with privacy screens

Ship House

Modern garage


Carport and street entrance

Short St House

Street view of house

Bentinck St Ballina

Street view of house

Tuckeroo House